Bridges and Culverts

Bridges and Culverts are inspected and maintained by Norfolk Marine's engineering, diving, and confined space staff. We have worked on the largest of road and rail bridges down to the smallest of brick culverts.

Our engineer led teams can inspect structures above and below the waterline and make recommendations for repair, maintenance, and future inspection requirements. Underwater inspections for scour, undermining, and condition can be carried out by divers with CCTV and DVD recording, ROV, or side scan sonar.



Maintenance and construction activities carried out on bridges and culverts include:


  • Specialist piling
  • Installation of scour protection, fabric formwork, precast, and stone
  • Under pinning
  • Pointing and masonry repairs
  • Drilling Grouting
  • Shuttering and concreting
  • Installation of steelwork
  • Application of specialist coatings
  • Specialist dredging