HELIX TAG Lines Available From Norfolk Marine in Lowestoft

Regular rope of poly, nylon or sisal has some inherent problems when used as tag line. They tend to wrap around objects, get caught in pinch points, bottoms fray and they get slick when worn, wet or dirty.

The HELIX TAG LINE solves these problems, as it is specifically designed for the application.  HELIX TAG LINES are tangle resistant as it is designed with a rigid core & stiff overbrading to prevent any turning on itself and wrapping around objects. We have added an additional factor which is the spiral effect (HELIX), which will dramatically increase grip in wet & slippery conditions. HELIX TAG LINES are designed not to catch on pinch points, as there are no knots or areas to snag.

For more information and to order your Helix Tag Line contact Norforlk Marine’s Sales Director Johnny Gallagher on +353 (0)86 8132139 or johnny@norfolkmarine.ie