Ecoflex Mattress System Takes Shape in Norfolk Marine's Lowestoft Yard

Ecoflex E-Subsea Mattress Units are taking shape at Norfolk Marine’s Lowestoft Fabrication Yard. The mattress units can be formed in to any shape, size or weight to suit the client’s needs when it comes to subsea pipeline and cable protection and stability. Ecoflex technology is now ‘tried, tested, and proven’ to be a safe cost effective method to recycle this valuable tyre resource. The technology uses the inherent hoop strength of the tyre to create the Ecoflex containment system. The rubber encapsulation of the core materials provides the long life required for products used in infrastructure. The patented Ecoflex systems have proven to be an effective long term solution for a wide range of applications for over 20 years.

The Ecoflex products have many features and benefits, including an extremely long life of 120 years.  It requires minimum maintenance, has a substantial cost benefit over its competitors, is sustainable, and capable of demonstrating environmental savings of up to 70% CO2e emissions.

For more information contact Norfolk Marine’s Sales Director Johnny Gallagher at johnny@norfolkmarine.ie or contact our Lowestoft office on 0044 1502 526900 and info@norfolkmarine.ie