Sound Charter for NORFOLK TERN

Norfolk Marine Ltd’s WFSV/DSV, the “Norfolk Tern”, has completed a short charter for the BBC. The vessel, equipped with a full surface supply diving spread, was chartered for the filming of a documentary on Sound and how it works. Operating from the company's Lowestoft base, filming was undertaken above the site of the underwater village of Dunwich on the Suffolk coast. After completing a side scan survey of the area, Norfolk Marine's dive team carried out a dive on the site to demonstrate Sound Metrics ARIS Defender 3000 hand held high frequency Imaging Sonar System.

The “Norfolk tern” is currently available for charter. The versatile vessel can be rigged for crew transfer, survey works or diving operations and carries an inspection/light work class ROV. Norfolk Marine can supply survey teams and equipment along with turnkey diving services for subsea inspection and maintenance works.

For more information on the services we can offer please contact info@norfolkmarie.ie