Debris Control Booms

In January of 2009, Norfolk Marine Ltd was appointed by the ESB in Ireland to supply and install a debris boom up stream of Cliff Generating Station in Co. Donegal. The boom was design to prevent surface debris coming down the River Erne from blocking the exit to the fish pass which is located to the west of the Generating Station.

Following the success of the surface debris boom, the ESB decided in December 2010 to extend the boom to protect the main intake screens of the Generating Station as well as the fish pass. This involved Norfolk Marine removing the original boom and extending it by a further 70m and fitting the entire boom length with under slung submerged debris screens to increase the level of protection the boom provides.

The work was complete in January of 2011, following the installation of concrete anchor blocks by the ESB.

Norfolk Marine Limited is currently working with the Environment Agency in the Wales to supply and test tree stopper booms. These are designed to protect vulnerable bridges on rivers which could be subject to heavy flood waters carrying large debris such as entire trees. Trees and large debris becoming wedge under bridges during flooding can give rise to major safety issues and lead to catastrophic failure of the structure and massive repair bills.

The first trial boom installed at St. Clears has worked well over the last two years, the boom does not collect small debris which would require continual maintenance to keep clear but has stopped one tree which was easily removed by the Environment Agency staff.   

More information on booms supplied by Norfolk Marine Limited can be found at www.tuffboom.comthis includes Debris control, Dam safety, Fish Guidance systems, Ice booms and security booms.