Greystones Harbour Development

Greystones harbour development is a Public Private Partnership between Wicklow County Council, Park Developments and John Sisk and Son. At an estimated cost of €300 million the project will provide the town with a new harbour, marina and seafront with shops, apartments and civic amenities. The harbour breakwaters provide 1100m of additional sea defenses for Greystones town and the DART train line that ran close to the exposed shore line.           

Norfolk Marine Ltd was tasked with constructing the projects marine structures from dredged bed level + 5.0m OD. At the peak of production Norfolk Marine had four diving teams and three diving spreads working day and night to construct the harbours breakwaters, roundheads and marina pier.  Close coordination was required with the main contractor and the dredging contractor to ensure that the works progressed safely and efficiently.           


Key elements of work executed by Norfolk Marine:

Debris removal

Post dredge survey of clay seabed

Installation of geotextile

Laying of 30/60mm gravel bed to tolerance of 50mm using hydraulic screed frame

Placement of 5000 precast concrete blocks with crawler cranes.

Installation of temporary and permanent scour protection

Installation of 19m long 916mm dia. steel tubular piles

9 number 700m3 underwater pours of concrete

Pitching, temporary support and grouting of roundhead precast columns

Placing and pump filling with concrete fabric formwork sheer key and retaining bags